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Funny Games (1997)
Download this release and add 2 link(s) to ed2k client
Funny Games (1997)
Original Title: Funny Games Codec: DivX V4 Alpha
Director: Michael Haneke Bitrate: 795 Kbit/s
Category: Horror Resolution: 592x348
Orig. Lang.: German Audio: MPEG Layer 3
Year: 1997 A.Bitrate: 96 Kbit/s
Web Link: IMDB S.Rate: 44,100 Hz
Channels: 2
Country: Austria Total Filesize: 678.95 MB
Rated: N°CDs: 1
Media: DivX Ripper: bungalow
104 min

ed2k: CD1 Writer: Michael Haneke
Orig. Ratio: 1.85 : 1
SubTitle: SUBS Lang: German (English hardsubs)
SubTitle: SUBS Sources? Report No Sources

Two well educated young men, which call each other Paul and Peter amongst other names, approach a family on vacation. They are, apparently, friends of the neighbours, and at the beginning their real intentions are not known. But soon the family will be imprisoned and tortured in his own house, in a very violent way, which the viewers are forced mostly to imagine and to share a certain complicity with the criminals. It might be some kind of game with the lives of husband, wife, son and dog. Why are they doing it? In Funny Games Georg and Anna, with their son Georgie, are traveling to their lakeside summer home. Upon arrival, Georg and Georgie head off to the lake for sailing while Anna prepares dinner in the kitchen. The serenity is shattered by a young man named Peter, who knocks at the door asking to borrow some eggs. The unwanted visitor is joined by Paul, a brash, arrogant young man. It soon becomes clear the pair have no intention of leaving. When Georg returns and tries to throw them out, physical violence erupts, and the family is held captive. What ensues are highly disturbing and violent 'games' initiated by Paul and Peter with Georg, Anna and Georgie as the unwilling participants.
Starring: Notes:
Susanne Lothar....Anna
Ulrich Mühe....Georg
Arno Frisch....Paul
Frank Giering....Peter
Stefan Clapczynski....Schorschi
Doris Kunstmann....Gerda
Christoph Bantzer....Fred
Wolfgang Glück....Robert

Decent enough German effort of the old "psychos attack family in remote location" film.

"A family is terrorized by two psychos in an isolated vacation house. That's the whole plot. The movie is sick, degrading and sadistic (people walked out when I saw it)--but it won't leave me. I saw it a year ago and I still can't shake it. It is well-directed and extremely well-acted and it is horrifying. My guess is that it's trying to show how madness and evil can show up anywhere at any time and how any one can be destroyed. So, it does stay with you and it doesn't exploit the pain and misery the family goes through...but, what exactly is the point? To show an innocent family terrorized? So, while I "respect" that it's well-made and impossible to shake off, why was this made? View at your own risk."
Additional Info:

Entry Info
Date Added: 2004-08-09
Hits: 677
Reviewer: spudthedestroyer
Score: 7 / 10

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